Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh, Hello There

It is 11:22 AM on a Monday night, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why I am starting to write this.

Actually, I do know, so I'll just tell you.

Like any loser who craves attention, I googled myself and found a link that said "Huntzy's Thoughts". Clicking it, I soon re-discovered that I had written this shitty sports blog almost a year ago.

So then it hit me like a right hand from Chris Brown -- why don't I start this up again?

Currently, I am a columnist for Sports Haze Toronto, covering the Toronto Maple Leafs. I enjoy it in the sense that I have the ability to say what I feel about a team that makes me want to scream love like Juliet from the balcony, as well as destroy everything in my path, like a hell bent Stone Cold Steve Austin.

As great as it is writing for the site (You'll notice that whenever I reference "the site" in a blog post, it refers to Sports Haze), there are a lot of things that I am not able to do, like swear.

Fuck shit cock tits balls dick bitch.

Sorry, just had to get that out of the way.

Anyway, as elementary as it seems to use profanity, I find that sports is something where swearing is acceptable, and sometimes needed. If you have ever seen professional athletes off camera, you know that english is not their forte. I'm not saying that all of them are intellectually retarded, but for the most part, putting a sentence together without dropping an F-Bomb is near impossible.

I'm not gonna get all in your grill with profanity, but just a word of warning for the future -- I do plan on using it.

Another thing I can't do for the site is talk about other teams and sports...well, not exactly.

I have done a few pieces on baseball, more specifically the Blue Jays, but lately I have been trying to focus on only the Buds.

I think this might be one of the reasons I decided on filling up the gas tanks and getting this blog engine up and running again -- I wanted to expand my horizon in the sporting world. Even though I cover the Maple Leafs, sports like football and baseball are some of my passions. Taking aim from my father, I have always been a Dallas Cowboy fan, as well as a Toronto Blue Jay supporter. More recently, after reading Bill Simmon's "The Book of Basketball", I decided to try and get more involved with the game, watching more Raptors games on TSN2, and always trying to stay up to watch a Laker or a Clippers game on the west coast. I must say, it has been a pleasure watching Blake Griffin tear it up in the NBA this year, as he may be one of the most exciting rookie's of all-time.

Don't worry though, this blog won't just be about sports.

No no no no no, my life is a helluva lot more than just athletics, as my addictions to television, movies, and music come into play on a daily basis. For no reason, you may see a piece of mine complaining about why the last few seasons of That '70s Show were garbage, or why The Sopranos is better than The Wire.

You'll also see me talk about personal things that go on in my life, like relationships with those around me -- friends, women, family, educators, etc. I feel that no matter what some say, the ability to vent may be one of the most powerful tools we posess in our generation; the idea of not giving a fuck what other's think, and being able to say "I am pissed off at everything, and this is why!!!", is one of the greatest tools that we have on today's planet.

The grammar might be bad, you may not agree with everything (Or anything) that I say, and you might finish an article and realize that I might be the dumbest person you have ever had the opportunity to come across with, literarlly or virtually.

I don't care. Your reading it, so you must have some interest.

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