Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Turn out the lights...the party's over"

It hurts.

If your a Leafs fan, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The feeling in your stomach when all the fears you had finally come true.

As the Washington Capitals defeated the Buds, as well as the Buffalo Sabres beating the Tampa Bay Lightning, the already-slim playoff hopes for the blue and white were crushed.

Sure, we can say "there's always next year", hoping that the team finds a way to improve in the off-season, but were months away from that.

We can talk about how this team had one of the best records in the new year, playing some of the most spectacular hockey we have seen since the lockout, but it won't make it hurt any less. We can talk about how unbelievable an experience it has been watching James Reimer in the Leafs net, showing flashes of Curtis Joseph and Eddie Belfour, but it won't stop the people at school from making Leafs/golf jokes for the next few weeks.

Signing free agents on July 1st won't make me feel better. Drafting future stars/busts won't brighten my day. And watching teams that I know deep down the Leafs were better than compete in the playoffs makes me sick.

I know this is one of the more depressing things I have ever written, but the toll that Leaf fans have taken since the lockout is getting to the point of unbelievable frustration. This 82 (and only 82) game season will mark the sixth straight year that the Leafs will pull out the golf clubs early this year.

***This is a note to anyone that makes a golf joke about the Leafs this year -- your not funny. It has never been funny. Making fun of a team with the excuse that they will go golfing in the off-season is not original at all. If you idiots understood anything, you would know that every team below the state of Minnesota golfs year round. Dumbasses***

I know that I'll eventually get over it, that Blue Jays baseball will help me nurse the pain, that the intensity of playoff hockey will grow on me, and that the Miami Heat getting their ass kicked by the second round of the playoffs will paint a grin on my face.

But that's the future. For right now, the anger and depression that comes with being a Leafs fan is too much.

And no, I won't be cheering for the Canucks in the playoffs. I hope none of you do either, you bandwagon fucks.

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