Friday, July 1, 2011

Unwritten Codes of Canada

I love Canada. I also love beer. And Molson Canadian is a beer. Coincidence?

Anyway, Molson made these commercials a few years ago, and I think they are hilarious. In them, they go over 39 facts that only Canadians can truly appreciate. I'm going to post all of them in order, and then tell you how many I have done.

Also, I want you to do the same -- in the comment section, tell me how many of these you have done, then (if you are brave enough) tell me which ones.

Happy Canada Day everybody!


  • You've left your coat on some pile, and knew it wouldn't get stolen
  • You've never made a move on your buddies girlfriend
  • You know that on a road trip the strongest bladder determines the pit stops
  • You've kept all your hockey trophy's
  • You've replaced someones pint if you've knocked there's over
  • If your buddies in trouble, you've got his back
  • You've clapped for a dancer even though she shouldn't be a dancer
  • You've used a blow torch to curve your stick
  • You've used your arm as an ice-scraper
  • You've grown a beard in the post season
  • You have a hockey scar somewhere
  • You've gone on a road trip with a car that had no business going on a road trip
  • You're proud to know a girl who got jiggy with a pro hockey player
  • You feel kinda bad reclining your seat in an airplane
  • You've used a cheesy pick-up line because your buddy dared you
  • You fill your friends pint before your own
  • You think hockey tape can fix anything
  • You've gotten kicked out of somewhere
  • You've turned down a booty call in the post-season
  • You've driven an hour for 19 minutes of ice time
  • You've been to a bar that starts with Mc or ends in Annigan's
  • You appreciate a woman who's into sports
  • You'll call anyone with goalie equipment, a friend
  • You know what a J-stroke is
  • Sometimes, figure skating is worth watching.
  • You know the sippy cup lid isn't as dumb as it sounds
  • You've worn a canoe as a hat
  • You've assembled a barbecue
  • They're not dents, they're goals
  • You've overcome bad directions to find your friends cottage
  • You know what happens on the ice, stays on the ice
  • You've come face to face with some kind of freaky bird
  • You hold a pint with all five fingers
  • It's never okay to rub another mans rhubarb
  • You know the last box in, is the first to get unpacked
  • Your soap smells like soap
  • You've guesstimated a phone number
  • You've cooked with a flashlight
  • You recycle

Of the 39, I have done 32. I won't tell you which ones, in fear of my parents questioning what I do on Friday nights.

Now its your turn! Lemme know which ones you've bravely conquered, and which ones are common practice. Also, enjoy your Canada Day! Whether it's at the cottage, at the bars, or on the couch watching the free agent madness, be extremely proud to be Canadian!

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