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David vs Goliath: Today's game between the Patriots and Broncos affects the public opinion of Tim Tebow

In my short lifetime of watching sports, I don't think I have ever seen a more polarizing figure than Tim Tebow.

Ask anyone you know who has any idea what football is, and they likely have an opinion about the devout Christian. To be honest, mine isn't very highly. As someone who doesn't really classify himself in any Religious category, I find myself feeling nauseous whenever a Tebow interview comes on, knowing with distinct certainty that he will drown the piece with "Thank my Lord and Savior" and "We were just so blessed". But, having said that, I think it's fine up to a certain point.

We see it all the time, players "Thanking God" and saying they're blessed. You might be asking, "How is that different than Tim?", and that's a fair question. It can be considered unfair how every African-American player who thanks the Lord is just being a good Christian, but whenever the Bronco Quarterback mentions God, he sounds full of himself and obnoxious.

Is it a colour thing? Of course not, that's just being silly. Is it how Tebow took part in a Pro-Life Super Bowl ad two years ago?  Maybe.  Is it the constant praying on the sideline, unintentionally creating a new internet sensation known as Tebowing?  Almost.

Is it that he can't throw a football?  Bingo!

I played football for five years, and in that time, every Quarterback that was on my team had a better throwing motion than Timmy.  Seriously, my most recent QB, Jeff Russell, has better technical skills than the former Heisman Trophy winner.  Now, is he a better athlete?  Not even close.  I'll be the first to say that the athletic makeup of Tim Tebow is in the category of elite in professional athletes.  The power he generates when he tries to break a tackle is incredible, and only someone that understands the game of football can truly appreciate.

But when his throwing motion comes up in discussion, eeeeeeeshhh.  The problem with football fans is that they think a throwing motion is what results from it -- the spiral of the ball -- but they couldn't be farther from the truth.  The spiral of the ball means nothing; it's the velocity and accuracy that goes with it.  And when someone throws a ball like Tebow does, there is no possible way they can last in the National Football League.  Unless...

The only difference is, Tebow has a skill-set that is not typical of a QB, that allows him to makeup for the fact he can't properly throw a football.


Today, Tebow's Broncos take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, the best team that Denver has played all year.  After winning his last six starts against teams with a combined record of 35-42, today's matchup could be the deciding factor as to whether or not the Denver Broncos, more or less Tebow himself, are the real deal.  With an 8-5 record, as well as the lead in the AFC West division, the haters are becoming more and more quiet with each Christ-like victory.

And, if you read my tweets, you know I am one of those haters.  I still don't believe in the guy.  Part of me feels like this whole religious act he pulls is just that -- an act.  I think he uses this as a cover.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he is a very God-here oriented person, and prays regularly, believes in the Lord, etc...but there's no way that anyone could be a life-like Ned there?  Is it possible?

Football analysts and columnists fail to admit it, but Tebow isn't why they're winning.  Sure, he's a contributing factor, but the credit MUST go to their defence.


Alright, there was my "All-Caps-Rant".  Seriously though, Denver's D has been at legendary status since the Son of God took over the starting role at QB, yet they don't get the proper credit they deserve.  But that's the baggage that comes with being a pivot in the NFL; you get all the blame if you lose, but all the credit if you win.  And if the Broncos want to beat the Patriots today, their defence better blitz the hell out of the New England O-Line, and put Brady on his ass.  Hold the Patriots to under 20, and you can beat them on any given Sunday.
I'll be watching the game at 4:15, wondering to myself whether or not this kid from Florida, who prays almost every waking-second of the day, can defeat potentially, the greatest football player of all-time, and one of the greatest coaches of all-time.

Almost fittingly, it's like a story from the Bible: David vs Goliath.  And, as usual, Timothy R. Tebow takes on the role of David.

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