Monday, December 22, 2014

Brandon Prust on 100 career points, fighting, and reaching veteran status in the NHL (Feels Like '93 exclusive)

Undrafted in junior to NHL vet, it's been a long road for Habs forward Brandon Prust
(Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)

It's been a month of milestones for Brandon Prust, who played his 400th game on December 12th against the Los Angeles Kings, then recorded his 100th point on a goal Saturday night against the Ottawa Senators. Only, when he scored, it was the second time that Prust celebrated. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

MacTavish's transactions set Eakins up to fail

Oil gonna Oil...

News broke Monday that Edmonton had fired head coach Dallas Eakins, ending a tenure that saw the Oilers go 36-63-14 -- a winning percentage of .381 -- and currently find themselves sitting at the bottom of the NHL standings.

After a horrid start to the 2014-15 season, general manager Craig MacTavish held a press conference on December 5th saying he wouldn't make any knee-jerk moves and that the players "would be held accountable". 10 days later, Eakins is gone. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Observations on the Leafs, Jays, and Raptors: December 12

After making the move to Toronto for college, it's impossible not to see the massive hype around professional sports in the city. 24/7 sports talk radio, free copies of the Toronto Star and National Post at school, combined with studying journalism and analyzing the news on a day-to-day basis has given me a front-row seat to the attention that the Maple Leafs, Raptors, Blue Jays, F.C., and hell, even the Marlies receive. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Remembering Pat Quinn

Pat Quinn joined the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1998
I came home for lunch one spring afternoon in 2006, heading straight to the living room to prepare my 12 o'clock routine. I turned on the television and flipped through the channels, searching for my go-to sports highlight package that recapped the previous night. The last few years leading up to that point were an on-the-fly evolution of sports fandom that defined my childhood. The days of Monday Night Raw and dressing up as Stone Cold Steve Austin for Halloween were over; my evenings were now spent watching hockey with my dad, learning the names of the stars that played the game, and dipping my toes in the waters of the other professional sports that made up North America. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gold Standard: Americans suck, Swedes don't, and a flashback of 2010

How many frat parties is it gonna take to get over this one Kaner?
Ah, what a glorious week it has been. As I type this blog, I'm on a train from Montreal to London, savoring in what has been a splendid week in Quebec. The food, the wine, the memories created and spent with my lovely girlfriend, it was an experience that I will never forget. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Canadian Trifecta: Canada's chance at cementing hockey dominance

Canadian porn
Once the NHL began sending its players to the Olympics in 1998, Canada has led the way with gold medal victories in Salt Lake City 2002 and Vancouver 2010, becoming the only nation to win multiple times. Now, with the 2014 Winter Games taking place in Sochi, Russia, Canada attempts to assert their dominance on the grandest stage, winning a third gold in the modern era.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Crow's picks for the 2014 Canadian Olympic roster

Since the NHL began sending its players to the Olympics in 1998, the debate over who should represent Canada on the biggest international stage has raged throughout the nation. Having four years to argue and over-analyze every single potential roster spot can have a debilitating toll on the masses, creating chaos and the potential for flying objects at the dinner table over whether you need the same amount of left and right handed shots...not that that's happened to yours truly...ahem...

With the announcement of the team coming this Tuesday, everyone and their uncle is giving their predictions as to who will wear the red and white in Russia next month. So, here's mine, less than 24 hours until we find out.